Watch American Muscle Cars Race European Exotics

Nov 27, 2022 2 min read
Watch American Muscle Cars Race European Exotics

These races are closer than you might believe…

If you were to ask the average person on the street which would win in a drag race, an American muscle car or an exotic European supercar, they would likely go with the exotic hands down. This is especially true if you’re outside of North America where the perception is rampant that muscle cars are like outdated cave men which can’t hold a candle to supercars in any way. The reality is much different.

Sure, on a road course the supercars would have a huge advantage over just about any muscle car since they’re designed to stick turns with exceptional precision. That’s when comparing something exotic to a C8 Corvette or a Dodge Viper ACR Extreme is more appropriate. However, the drag strip is the domain of American muscle cars, as you’re about to see in the video.

image credit: YouTube

Perhaps most impressive in the video is a Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye. It likes to make a lot of smoke, then gap the competition. We’d love to have seen a greater variety of muscle cars at the event, but beggars can’t be chooser. There are some impressive exotics for as well, before anyone thinks we’re disrespecting them. McLarens, Ferraris, Lamborghinis, and more show off their blistering acceleration with glee.

Speaking of Corvettes, there are a lot of them. You get to see a ZR1 that’s obviously tuned for shocking straight-line acceleration. There’s also a C8 in there and several other ‘Vettes from just about every recent generation, some heavily modified.

image credit: YouTube

Not all of the races are European supercars versus American muscle cars. Some are exotic vs exotic, but all of them are pretty entertaining to watch. You might be surprised at some of the winners and how close many of these races are, showing that just because something is called “super” doesn’t mean it always wins. Also, there are a few sub-10 runs, showing just how far performance across the board has come lately.

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