Two Ultra Rare Mustangs Rescued From Auction

Nov 3, 2022 1 min read
Two Ultra Rare Mustangs Rescued From Auction

Coding is the name of the game for Mustangs and this guy just hit the jackpot.

As car people, barn finds and impromptu auctions can be some of the most fun and sought after things on our bucket lists. You practically can’t find a car guy who doesn’t have some wild story about a muscle car(or any sort of vehicle) that he or a friend fell in love with as a kid. Over time that initial attraction turns into driven longing eventually culminating at a point where the enthusiast gets their opportunity. That’s exactly what happened here as one man found himself in new ownership of two incredibly rare and unique Ford Mustangs.

One of the cars purchased is one that likely saw it’s fair share of wild racing back in the day. This is supported mostly by the exterior styling and various decals which really put the whole vehicle together quite nicely. Examining the VIN, you can clearly see this is an A-code car which means that the automobile originally spotted a 289 cubic inch V8 with a four barrel carburetor. This drivetrain was since removed at some point but the rest of the car makes up for that perfectly.

Following the same trend of sporting a different drive train is the second ‘Stang. This one was a S code GT with the primary engine option for this code being a 390 cubic inch V8 engine. Nowadays the car is host to a massive 427 cubic inch V8 which was practically made for racing. All together, these incredible vehicles are relics of the first muscle car revolution making them perfect for the enthusiast that now sits behind the wheel.

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