Twin Turbo MK1 GT40 Will Spin You Out

Sep 22, 2022 1 min read
Twin Turbo MK1 GT40 Will Spin You Out

This is the perfect combination of modern and classic performance.

The Ford GT has been an American icon for decades because of its wild performance and incredible styling which made it a fierce competitor on the racing track. Originally sporting a massive V8, the platform eventually evolved into a weird V6 powered supercar but still pretty much stayed true to its original goal. Recently custom made GT builds have been popping up left and right showcasing the owner’s ingenuity and dedication to their trade. This particular car is a great example of how to build a proper FordGT in a modern way while still keeping what made the original awesome.

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One of the most important things about the GT has always been its race car design which has a big effect on opponents and audience members every time the cars show up. This particular builder  thought it best to add modern aerodynamics with some graphics that look like they're straight out of the newest Ford racing marketing meeting. On top of that, you also get some wheels that match up with the ones used by racers everywhere perfectly to create a very competitive and aggressive style. Of course, all of this is ment to show off the performance of the car which also utilizes a far more modern approach to power.

That style is backed up by a 23.5-liter V6 engine which came straight out of a newer Ford GT racing vehicle, a very high output engine despite lacking two cylinders. Trust me, the V6 in the current generation are hard to get behind for everybody but this car manages to combine a great exhaust system and a different sound that make it almost as good as a V8. That extra noise is a set of twin turbochargers which brings the power up significantly, around 647 horsepower in the stock examples. Overall, this is a very clean build  that  combines old and new technology to make something most of us haven't ever seen before, and that is pretty awesome.

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