Three Muscle Cars Stolen From Cleveland Dealership

Jan 4, 2023 1 min read
Three Muscle Cars Stolen From Cleveland Dealership

These car thieves were a little too organized.

It’s not every day that we see car thieves get away pretty much 100% Scott free with their crimes. Well, that’s pretty much exactly what happened in the case of these three lost Mopar icons. Police caught the trio of high horsepower American vehicles passing them at around 120 miles an hour late one night. The crime went down in the same place all crimes go down, Cleveland.

All jokes aside, these three vehicles were stolen from Jumpin shin auto and a fourth car is rumored to have been used to pull one of the vehicles. The cars in question are a Dodge Challenger hellcat, Dodge Challenger Scat Pack, and a Jeep Track Hawk. As car people, it should be pretty clear to us all that the cops didn’t really have a chance of catching up with the cars if they were already going full throttle.

According to chief Craig Young, Police and pursuit after less than a minute of chasing. This decision was made after the cars left Chesterland. At the end of the day, the thieves made off with their three new muscle cars in hand worth somewhere in the ballpark figure of $218,000. How they managed to pull all of this off is a bit of a mystery but whatever the case may be, it’s likely those cars will not be recovered.

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