This Is No Ordinary Datsun 240Z

Jun 6, 2024 2 min read
This Is No Ordinary Datsun 240Z

Father and son put heart and soul into this build.

Trolling online car listings, looking for a good deal can sometimes really pan out. But just as Thomas Edison said, most people miss opportunity because it’s dressed in overalls and looks like work. Fortunately, when a father and son spotted this 1972 Datsun 240Zin pieces and rusting they didn’t turn their noses up. Instead, they tore into the Fairlady Z and transformed it into a ride they can be proud to drive anywhere.

What’s most amazing about this Datsun is that the A-pillars and roof were pretty much rusted out. The son was tempted to just sell the car for scrap and get something else, but the father pressed on, cutting off the top and pushing for them to find a roof donor, which they did. He then took the time to weld the new roof on, including adding reinforcements to ensure proper structural rigidity. Talk about dedication to the cause!

This car is running a numbers-matching L24, but it’s obviously been modified and cleaned up. It’s running a performance cam and has triple Weber carbs, but the block is original. They even dressed up the space with a custom-made copper plate under the carburetors, because it’s the little details which really make a build shine.

Speaking of details, the Datsun is rolling on Hayashi Racing wheels, which the son had to special order from Japan. He said he wanted to put a unique touch on it by using something which was popular in the region back in the day, and these were it. They look excellent on the car, so it was a great choice.

What’s also cool is this car rides on an air suspension from a Japanese company called Air Runners. That means the driver can raise and lower the ride height, so you’re not worrying about bottoming out on an aggressive driveway skirt, speedbump, or whatever else.

You’ll note that there are Fairlady Z graphics on the rocker panels. In Japan this car was the Nissan Fairlady Z, but it was a Datsun in the US and Nissan executives realized Fairlady here didn’t sound as exotic as in their domestic market, so that was changed. But overall, this is one of the cleanest examples of the 240Z you’re going to find.

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