Thieves Are Stealing Tow Trucks To Steal Your Car

Dec 18, 2022 1 min read
Thieves Are Stealing Tow Trucks To Steal Your Car

It’s car theft inception…

North Carolina authorities are investigating a string of thefts of tow trucks, which are then being used to steal cars. This cluster of thefts is not isolated to the state, as car thieves are emboldened across the country, a trend we’ve witnessed growing since 2020. If you own a tow truck, especially an older model, they are targeting your vehicle as a way to steal other cars.

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Officials have offered the these incidents tend to happen last at night, like most vehicle thefts, but unlike cars like Chargers and Challengers, they’re on the prowl for older trucks. Thieves are targeting trucks without security features and remote starts. They’re also using some kind of equipment to rip out the locks to get inside.

“We believe they probably had a hit on what they were needing. So if they were needing a 7.3 diesel, they just find one, steal it. I think they took it to a chop shop and chopper it,” said Cliff Barnes, with Universal Motors. “I’ve been here 15 years and never seen such crime as here lately.”

Another victim is the wife of a service center owner who passed away from covid in 2021.

“They got my husband’s wrecker and we wanted to keep that wrecker. He loved that wrecker,” Hamby said. “If they just bring it back to me. Just bring me the wrecker back, that’s all that I care.”

Imagine if these losers put half the effort into starting a business!

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