Street Race In Arizona Turns Deadly

Sep 21, 2022 2 min read
Street Race In Arizona Turns Deadly

Can you help police solve this mystery?

Back on August 25 at 1:26 pm, Chandler Police were called to a serious accident where a red Camaro hit a block wall after rolling. The 32-year-old driver, Mahad Zara, was in bad shape when first responders arrived, so they gave him medical aid until an ambulance arrived. Unfortunately, Zara died that evening in the hospital. He had been racing an unidentified Dodge vehicle and now police need your help to track the other driver down.

Watch some street racers learn common sense the hard way here.

Witnesses told Chandler Police this mystery vehicle was a “gray or charcoal-colored Dodge-type sports car.” Eyewitness accounts aren’t always useful, but in this case we have a couple of grainy photos and a surveillance video to help. Some are saying it’s a Dodge Charger and from the not-so-great footage it looks like one, although it might be a Challenger, but that’s less likely. Unfortunately, there are plenty of Chargers and Challengers in the area so finding the driver based just on that isn’t going to be easy.

Police estimate the two cars were going 80 to 90 mph on Gilbert Road as they traveled north from the intersection with Riggs Road. That should be a 45 mph zone, so they were really flying.

Chandler Police are asking for any additional witnesses to the racing or accident to come forward. They’re hoping someone has dashcam or cellphone footage to help identify the other driver. Also, they’ve indicated some people stopped and talked to them about the accident, but left before providing their contact information.

Racing on public roads is incredibly dangerous and stupid. While racing on a track is also dangerous, you’re not putting innocent people just trying to get places in danger. Unfortunately, there are people who still don’t get this and insist on racing on busy streets. We’re not telling anyone to street race, but if you just don’t want to go to the track, at least find somewhere desolate, block it off with your buddies’ vehicles, and make sure nobody else can get hurt.

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