Speeding Dodge Charger Lands On Kansas House

Apr 29, 2022 1 min read
Speeding Dodge Charger Lands On Kansas House

The driver didn’t walk away from this one…

On the afternoon of April 20, deputies in Miami County, Kansas responded to an odd call about a car landing on a house’s roof. What they found when they arrived was truly bizarre. A 2018 Dodge Charger was laying on its passenger side in a house’s backyard, the driver stuck inside. However, it was quickly determined 29-year-old Burgandy Rose Thomas of Peculiar, Missouri was dead.

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According to authorities, Thomas was speeding down 223rd Street when she crossed railroad tracks and lost control of the Mopar. Her car veered into a ditch and was launched into the air. It hit a tree before striking the roof of the house, finally coming to rest in the backyard.

Two people were in the house during the crash. Thankfully, they weren’t injured. It’s a miracle there wasn’t another vehicle in the road, someone in the yard, etc. to add to the carnage. This could have been so much worse.

Normally, we’d have some sort of joke about The Wizard of Oz or something silly like that, but since this was a fatal crash we’ll abstain. This whole matter is no laughing matter – it’s a reminder of the awesome power cars pack. Unfortunately, the driver of the Charger didn’t respect the machine and its capabilities, paying with her life.

This is truly a sad and unnecessary situation. There’s a reason railroad crossings are usually marked by signs and you should take those slow and cautiously. Also, speeding on roads you’re not familiar with is a good way to end up in a world of hurt before you even know what’s going on.

Sources: KCTV5, KMBC

Photos credit: Miami County Republic

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