Showoff Camaro Kisses Power Pole

Nov 24, 2022 2 min read
Showoff Camaro Kisses Power Pole

And somehow there was a Dodge Charger involved in this stunt…

Unfortunately, Ford Mustang drivers have gotten a bad rap for mowing down crowds of innocent bystanders at car meets, hitting power poles, and other general stupidity. But, as the video of a Camaro kissing a power pole proves, there are plenty of morons who choose the bowtie or a Mopar. That’s right, stupidity behind the wheel knows no brand loyalty.

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This Camaro driver decided to rip some smokey donuts on a public street with a little bit of traffic present. That’s the first piece of evidence that he’s not very bright. All sorts of things could go wrong here, including a cop just driving by at that moment. Clearly, this guy thinks he’s untouchable.

Even worse, the pavement where this genius has decided to do donuts is pockmarked. In other words, it’s about as far as you can get from a smooth, even surface without it not being paved. That’s just not ideal when really laying down rubber.

Then the guy hops up on the sidewalk while performing a smokey donut in his muscle car. Maybe he thought he was being cool. Maybe he had not idea he had departed the roadway. Maybe he didn’t care. Or maybe he’s just not that good at showing off in a rear-wheel-drive performance machine. Actually, we know that’s the case because of what happens next.

Finishing his rather pathetic donuts, the guy decides to blast past his buddy, who is filming the crime just in case the cops want some evidence. After blasting past the buddy’s Dodge Charger parked on the sidewalk and a GMC Sierra headed the opposite direction, the rear of the Camaro breaks loose. The driver obviously doesn’t know how to throttle steer out of that, so he ends up kissing the power pole, backing up the support cable. Maybe he was hoping for a hybrid gas-electric Camaro? We’re just glad the buddy decided to share the video, but someone needs to figure out where this happened and send it to the police department. We’re sure they’ll get a kick out it.

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