Shaq Gets Custom Dodge Charger Hellcat For 50th Birthday

Mar 10, 2022 2 min read
Shaq Gets Custom Dodge Charger Hellcat For 50th Birthday

Shaquille O'Neal isn’t slowing down, at least while he’s behind the wheel!

If you’re brave enough to try to steal Shaq’s Charger Hellcat, you’re going to be spotted right away in this number. For his 50th birthday, Shaquille O’Neal got a Dodge Charger Hellcat with a Diesel Dog Mafia logo and them on it, which is an ode to his slingshot crew. He’s proving that 50 is no time to hang up the keys to your muscle car.

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Shaq is a car guy, you probably know that, and this isn’t even his first Hellcat. He also has, or had at one point, a Widebody Challenger Hellcat, so the man has taste. The Hell of Famer got this Charger Hellcat compliments of his friends at Swaggpack Shaq, Atlanta Street Xecs and Padgett Motor Sports.

TMZ has reported that it’s an “800-horsepower” Charger Hellcat, but after combing his social media, there’s no mention of this by Shaq himself. Stock, it would be around 707-horsepower, more if its a Redeye, 797-horsepower, which is likely the case. It could also have some modifications under the hood, we’re hoping to learn more about the Charger Hellcat, or maybe even see it rolling around since it’s in my neck of the woods, and spotting this car would be pretty easy, not to mention who would be driving it.

Otherwise, it has scissor doors and the interior appears to match the emblem on the hood. Most of the wrap on the passenger side is mirror reflective, and the wheels appear to be Dodge wheels with a custom black and red finish.

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