Seized And Crushed Dodge Charger Looks Like A Lost Cause

Nov 8, 2022 1 min read
Seized And Crushed Dodge Charger Looks Like A Lost Cause

No falling tree is gonna stop this car guy.

Somewhere out there in the vast world of automotive collections there is a car whose name and image are more than enough for most enthusiasts to call it a legend. That vehicle is a Charger from the late 1960s but it’s probably not in the condition you might expect. In fact, it’s far more damaged than even some of the most worn out examples in the nation. So what exactly happened to this iconic American muscle car? Or, more importantly, can it be saved?

It all started while the Charger was sitting in a forest, part of a collection not unlike the ones we regularly cover. One night there was a violent storm that ended in highly impactful consequences. Along with damage to some of the other vehicles, a massive tree came crashing down onto the car, thankfully no one was inside. Nowadays, the Charger is all twisted up, missing floor boards, with a crumpled roof. However, there are a few things that might just save the automobile in the end.

One major attractor has got to be its complete drive train which features both the engine and transmission. Though the engine is seized up, the car’s new owner is confident with his skills as a mechanic. It was a long process and even showed that the block was cracked but eventually he got it back together. Finalist, this car was back up and running after god only knows how many years and the happiness on the new driver’s face is clear. After such a lengthy journey, this car guy definitely deserves to celebrate and enthusiasts everywhere admire his hard work.

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