Guy Tumbles Out Of Camaro

Nov 8, 2022 2 min read
Guy Tumbles Out Of Camaro

If only there were some device for staying securely in a car…

Some people are like walking, breathing memes. Maybe you’ve known someone who has become a meme in real life or maybe you have yourself. Well, we think Camaro Man has a real possibility of breaking into that exclusive club after he took a tumble out of his janky muscle car while trying to show off for the camera.

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First off, Camaro Man is perfect because he looks like so many muscle car owner stereotypes: shaggy mullet, sunglasses, beard, and that enviable Camaro physique. The way he looks over at the cameraman after backing his burbling Chevy out of its parking spot just looks like something out of a ZZ Top video, only the cars in those were so much cooler.

What you’re expecting is to see this guy just do one massive burnout or maybe the power slide of the century. Instead, what you get is to see how well he rolls down the road without his ride. Turning left, he nails it and the Camaro torque steers to the left a little too much. The driver overcorrects to the right, throwing him against the door which just pops open and the poor guy meets the pavement.

Thankfully, the Camaro wasn’t going too fast at that point. However, the Chevy jumps the curb just as the camera pans over and it disappears from the frame. We have no idea if it crashed into something or came to rest harmlessly on some grass, but we hope for the latter. After all, it’s not the muscle car’s fault the owner apparently doesn’t know what a seatbelt is for.

One of the best details is the license plate “L3ROY” which we assume is supposed to be “Leroy” but that was taken, hence the 3. Speaking of internet memes, this screams to be paired up with the infamous Leroy Jenkins – it’s the same energy.

Check out the video for yourself.

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