Sammy Miller Destroyed His Own Record And Nobody Even Knew It

Nov 26, 2021 1 min read
Sammy Miller Destroyed His Own Record And Nobody Even Knew It

This insane quarter-mile pass is a ridiculous accomplishment from a crazy man and his even crazier car.

The drag strip is the place where pure American speed is born and raised into ridiculous proportions. While chasing the end of the quarter-mile may seem like a difficult feat for some vehicles, the insane cars, and even crazier drivers accompanying the American automotive landscape have perfected the craft. Previously, top fuel dragsters, funny cars, and incredibly modified street cars had reigned supreme over the world of straight-line speed. However, there is a new way of doing things in the world of record-breaking acceleration. This new way is called jet-propulsion, and, as you will soon see, it is a handy tool for anyone crazy enough to get behind the wheel of one of these cars.

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First, let's talk about the man behind the wheel. His name is Sammy Miller, aka Slammin' Sammy Miller. After a ridiculous career in building and racing some of the world's fastest top fuel and funny cars, this man decided to shift gears towards jet-powered vehicles. This led him to create the now-famous "vanishing point" jet car, which has set many records in its racing time. Most of the documents are well-known in the automotive community, such as being the first car to ever achieve a quarter-mile pass in under four seconds.

Many consider Sammy one of the greatest racers and builders of all time, but most people don't even know about this incredible record. Pulling up to the line, Sammy and his car was ready to take on even the fiercest challenge. That's precisely what they were about to do as the light hit green and the vanishing point took off, reaching over 400 mph. After the race, Sammy and the crowd were amazed to find that he had achieved a time of 3.22 seconds, further breaking any quarter-mile records that had been set in the past. This is a ridiculous feat, and to this day, nobody has been able to top this time.

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