SAAB 900 Turbo Rescued By The Internet

Apr 4, 2024 1 min read
SAAB 900 Turbo Rescued By The Internet

This car has been recovered after having been stolen and the story might surprise you.

When you think about speed, performance, luxury, and, dare I say, tenacity in a car there is only one brand that all enthusiasts think of. That company is Saab. All jokes aside, they have made some pretty cool cars over the years with models like the SAAB 900 have really stood out. So it makes sense that they might be big targets for automotive thieves. This guy found that out the hard way but the way he got his car back is truly inspiring.

Apparently, this guy has a bit of a specialty when it comes to losing cars that should be easy to find. Along with having had three of his cars stolen from him, he also kind of just leaves his cars around town sometimes and lets all of his friends use them. This all sounds like a recipe for getting your vehicles taken from you which is exactly what happened. Except this time it was a really weird set of circumstances.

Rather than the usual parking in the wrong neighborhood, the driver parked his car in his garage. Upon his waking, he discovered his car stolen and imminently took to the internet for help. After a lot of support and the help of an account called UB1UB2, his car was eventually located. Thankfully Ashley Winston was able to retrieve his car without much issue giving hope to automotive enthusiasts and car theft victims everywhere. Do you think social media could be the newest great tool for recovering stolen vehicles?

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