Running From The Police Is A Bad Idea

Dec 18, 2023 2 min read
Running From The Police Is A Bad Idea

Learn from this guy’s bad decision…

No matter how hot you think your car is, if a police officer directs you to pull over you need to do just that. Jim Best of Savage Garage got a firsthand lesson in why that is while he was participating in Savage Rally using his Maybach62. He was approaching the final stop at Carolina Motorsports Park when he passed a cop while going about 120 mph. We’ve all probably been there, going faster than the speed limit and then just blowing by a police car sitting on the side of the road, and it’s a sickening feeling.

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image credit: YouTube

Normally, the thing you would do is automatically slow down. Some people say you shouldn’t hit your brakes since that’s basically admitting fault and attracting attention to yourself, but going 120 mph is already going to attract plenty of attention from a cop. Best decided letting off the throttle and letting the car cruise was the best idea, only the Maybach only dropped down to 100 mph and the cop was behind him.

As you probably guessed, the guy got the brilliant idea of just running from the police officer, who was driving a Ford F-150, thinking he would get away no problem. We won’t tell you exactly what happened next since it’s best to watch the video and hear the story in Best’s own words since it clearly illustrates how stupid running from the cops is.

image credit: YouTube

While the old saying is you can’t outrun a radio, in this case it’s that you can’t outsmart a seasoned, smart cop, at least not easily. Yes, some people get a thrill out of trying to get away with something criminal since they want to prove they’re smart and more cunning, but you have to consider the consequences of such actions. Had Best just slowed down initially he might not have even been pulled over, or if he had it might have only been a warning. Instead the guy went to jail since running from the police always makes things worse.

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