Rolls-Royce, Maseratis Stolen In TX, Recovered In GA

Feb 14, 2020 2 min read
Rolls-Royce, Maseratis Stolen In TX, Recovered In GA

Police arrested three men in possession of the stolen exotics.

On January 31, the Brookhaven, Georgia police department was on the lookout for a stolen Rolls-Royce Wraith, and soon after, the high-priced coupe was discovered in a Georgia motel parking lot along with a pair of Maserati Ghibli sedans. Last week, the Brookhaven Police Department announced on its Facebook page that all three exotic cars had been discovered and three men were arrested in connection with this crime.

Rolls-Royce, Maseratis Stolen In TX, Recovered In GA

According to the BPD, Yves M. Amakon, 31, of Snellville, Georgia;  Lester R. Price, Jr., 30, of Houston, Texas; and Julian Callahan, 24, of  Katy, Texas were all arrested for receiving stolen property after  police had staked out the three cars and just waited for the men to  return. As the picture shows, all three cars were all backed into  adjacent parking spots, which must have looked suspicious enough, making  it easy for police to spot the cars. Officers then just had to wait for  the men to return to the cars, and as soon as they tried to make entry,  they were all taken into custody. As it turns out, these vehicles had  been stolen from a dealership in Texas, and while it's unclear what, if  any, damage happened to the cars, all three have been returned to Texas;  it's also unclear whether these were dealer-owned vehicles or customer  cars.

The Wraith was introduced in 2014 as a two-door version of the  Rolls-Royce Ghost sedan, and that same year, Maserati revived the Ghibli  nameplate for its entry-level, mid-size sedan. The specifics of each  vehicle aren't known, but depending on the age and equipment of the  vehicles, a Wraith is valued at around $180,000 for an early example and  up to $322,000 for a brand new model. The Ghibili sedan is worth  between $30,000 for an first-year sedan in avearge condition up to  $71,000 for the 2020 model year.

h/t: Patch

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