Rick Ross Buys A Fire Truck

Apr 8, 2022 2 min read
Rick Ross Buys A Fire Truck

Boys need their toys…

Rap superstar Rick Ross has a huge estate on 235 acres in the Atlanta, Georgia area he calls The Promised Land. Considering the man reportedly owns over 100 cars, we might agree with the nomenclature. The newest addition to Ross’ collection is a classic fire truck, something people are finding odd.

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We completely get why Rick Ross wants to own a fire engine because we have the same fantasy. Sure, owning some classic muscle cars, modern exotic supercars, and luxury trucks would be fun, but all of those don’t hold a candle to a classic fire truck. It’s the ultimate toy, a thing most of us if we’re being honest have dreamed of owning but the reality of storing and maintaining such a thing dashed the illusion.

As Ross explains in a video he posted to Twitter, when he was growing up in Carol City fire trucks were a magical thing he used to see drive by constantly. He always wanted to ride in one but never got the chance. Now that he owns one he not only gets to ride on one, he can drive it whenever he wants.

Not only does Ross now have a fire truck for The Promised Land, he also owns a Dodge Charger with a roof light bar, which wisely looks like it only flashes white instead of red and blue. Painted on the sides is “Caution K-9” and “Promised Land Estate Patrol” with a crest and “No Trespassing.” Maybe he’ll buy a garbage truck or a street sweeper next? Or he could snag a mail truck?

Even when you’re a multi-millionaire rap star like Rick Ross, the very thought of owning a classic fire truck fills you with joy. We’re honestly surprised more celebrity gearheads aren’t buying these kinds of vehicles for their collection. It’s still a dream of ours to follow in Ross’ footsteps, maybe not by owning 100-plus cars but at least by adding a fire truck to our own collection.

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