Random Guy Helps With Police Chase

Dec 17, 2022 2 min read
Random Guy Helps With Police Chase

Is this what it’s come down to?

Back on the weekend of May 14 it was yet another police chase involving a stolen Dodge Charger, except officers in Brownstown, Michigan got some unexpected help from a citizen. A guy who was driving an undisclosed car (the official release from the department didn’t specify what it was) saw the chase and decided to help out, chasing down the fleeing Mopar muscle car at over 80 mph. This is life in 2022.

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Brownstown Police Department really wants everyone to get it straight in their head that they shouldn’t try to copy what this guy did. A sergeant had to break off from the pursuit and pull over the good Samaritan. Cops don’t know who you are or why you’re following them doing their job. After all, you could be an accomplice for the car thief and are ready to kill some officers while their backs are turned. Sadly, it happens.

The sergeant who pulled over this regular citizen quickly figured out the guy just wanted to help out. The man apparently was driving home after spending time at a bar when he saw the chase and decided in his inebriated state he would do a good deed. We’re sure it seemed like a good idea at the time.

Making this story even more interesting, the sergeant ascertained the car this guy was driving wasn’t currently registered. Maybe he was below the legal limit for intoxication while operating a vehicle, but the sergeant definitely could’ve nailed him for driving an unregistered car. Instead, he gave the guy a Brownstown Junior Police badge – something they usually only hand out to kids. That pretty hilarious.

Instead of getting mad or telling the sergeant how to do his job, the guy “was a good sport about it” and realized he shouldn’t have been joining in a police pursuit. Then he and the sergeant hugged it out. We have no idea if the cops caught the Dodge Charger thief, but there was some pretty solid police work going on that night with this other stop.

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