Ram TRX Warlord 6X6 Jump Fails Spectacularly

Aug 5, 2023 2 min read
Ram TRX Warlord 6X6 Jump Fails Spectacularly

This is what tens of thousands of dollars being set on fire for no reason looks and sounds like…

We’ve seen our fair share of idiots jumping all kinds of vehicles unsuccessfully, then living to laugh about their embarrassment. And while most of those are incredibly cringe-inducing moments, this attempted jump using a Ram TRX Warlord 6x6 just might take the award as the worst of the bunch. This has all the right elements: a group of buddies encouraging each other to do it bigger, dirt ramps built on private property with zero engineering skills applied to the process, plenty of “bro talk” before the big moment, plus loads of regret mixed with unspecified bodily injuries.

Before the big moment, the different guys in the video comment about how nervous they are. All of them know this is a bad idea but they just can’t help themselves. After all, destroying a ridiculously expensive pickup truck to get them views on YouTube is definitely worth it.

Keep in mind the Ram TRX Warlord 6x6 has a starting price of $250,000. That’s right, these guys think jumping a truck which they bought for at least a quarter of a million dollars is a cool idea. Don’t worry, they own supercars and plenty of other expensive vehicles, so they can afford to trash a truck most can only dream of owning, then laugh it off.

The guys in the video repeatedly talk about the ramps and other aspects of this whole stunt being “sketch.” There’s nothing quite like listening to a bunch of middle-aged men talking like they just learned English from playing Fortnite and watching TikTok videos. Then again, what do we honestly expect from anyone willing to try this kind of stunt?

As you can see in the video, if you dare watch it, the truck is pretty jacked up after the disastrous “jump.” Really, the portly pickup fell like a led brick, making it as a graceful as a body positivity ballerina, so we don’t really count this as a true jump. It sounds like the thing will be in the shop for a while and another video detailing out the damage to get more clicks will be coming. We can’t wait.

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