This is one of the most beautiful cars ever made, in more ways than one…

With only 36 in existence, the Ferrari 250 GTO is probably the most sought-after car to emerge from Maranello. The thought of racing such a valuable masterpiece might fill some with horror. After all, taking any vehicle on the track can be a recipe for disaster. And while this car has been squirreled away in secure garages most of its life, it’s going to be competing at the Velocity Invitational in mid-November.

Learn the details of siblings battling over their late father’s Ferrari 250 GTO here.

If you aren’t aware, that even is being held at Laguna Seca, one of the more technically-challenging circuits in North America. Threading this through the infamous Corkscrew on the track with other cars nearby could be a heart-stopping thing to witness, but keep in mind it will be racing against other valuable classics with drivers who will also be exercising caution. However, this could easily be the most expensive ride there.

When this car was brand new, it sold for $18,000. That might sound like chump change today, but it was considering extremely expensive for its time. However, the Ferrari 250 GTO has appreciated in value considerably, with a ’63 selling in a private transaction back in June of 2018 for $70 million.

Most never get within arms-length of one of these machines, but if you do I can say from experience they are far more breathtaking in person. Larry Chen of Hoonigan Autofocus did one better and was able to take a spin in this particular one along with Jeff O’Neill, founder of Velocity.

Fortunately for all of us, Larry documented the experience thoroughly not only with plenty of amazing photography but also captivating video, of which I’ve included both. You get to bask in the glorious note of that V12 howling and the quad exhaust burbling. It’s truly a transformative experience, so I can only imagine how Larry felt by the end.

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