Pontiac Firebird Makes 1000 Mile Trip Home After Five Years Of Sitting

Feb 1, 2024 2 min read
Pontiac Firebird Makes 1000 Mile Trip Home After Five Years Of Sitting

This incredible car has spent the last five years in a garage but now aims to travel a massive distance to its new home.

The first generation Pontiac Firebird was an excellent car for its time because of the vast engine options, performance potential, and wild style that reflected a new era of pony car domination. Many enthusiasts count this thing to be at the top of their list of dream cars, making it a valuable piece for any collector, but today we are talking about something that was meant to be driven. That's right, this is a pristine Firebird from what appears to be the year 1967, and after about five years of sitting in a garage, it's ready for the open road once again. But, of course, this is no ordinary run down to the grocery store. Instead, this car will transverse over 1000 miles to arrive home with the new owners. So now let's see how the old car fairs.

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First of all, the car started up great upon retrieving it from the storage space it was being kept in. That enclosed area kept the vehicle away from the harsh conditions of the outside world, making the interior more than suitable for the trip ahead as well. Next, a couple of minor maintenance fixes were performed just before setting off from Oregan to ensure the structural and mechanical safety of the car. After that, it was time to take it out on the adventure of a lifetime.

While 1000 miles of the open road may seem like an easy challenge for modern vehicles, this thing was expected to have some trouble. However, to the owners' delight, the car ran perfectly and smoothly throughout the entire trip without any engine failure. Unfortunately, the same could not be said for the front end, which seemed to have far too much sway resulting in the car being thrown around every time it hit a bump. Thankfully, this never proved to be an issue for the dynamic duo, but some terrible weather conditions significantly delayed the trip.

Somewhere down the line, the couple was met with a road that had been frozen over, which took them about two hours to cross, averaging between 30 and 55 mph. After this setback, it was smooth sailing. After switching passengers with the team who was helping transport another vehicle recently purchased by the pair, the driver averaged around 85 mph. This fantastic Firebird held strong throughout the trip, and now the two owners plan to restore the beauty and use it as a weekend cruiser for family trips. This thing is a beautiful piece of vintage engineering and, through its simplistic design, was able to do what many thought to be impossible.

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