Police SUV Stolen While Being Repaired

Dec 1, 2022 1 min read
Police SUV Stolen While Being Repaired

Even the cops are getting their rides stolen these days…

If you’re looking for the police to stop car theft in your area and you live in High Point, North Carolina, you might have to wait a little longer. After all, the car thieves there are stealing police cars, making it so the cops have to track down their own rides so they can go looking for yours.

Another police Dodge Durango was stolen in Colorado not too long ago. Check it out here.

Back on November 12, a black 2019 Dodge Durango that’s an unmarked police vehicle was stolen while it was at the shop for repairs. The theft took place at about 5:18 am when nobody was present, which is when many criminals have struck repair shops and dealerships.

At the same time, the thieves stole three Dodge Challengers at the same shop. According to a local report, two were orange and one as purple. One of the orange cars has the North Carolina license plate JAR-8485. As for the other two cars they weren’t registered for road use.

It took the department until 1:40 pm that day to track down the stolen Mopar. They found it in Winston-Salem, but police didn’t tell local journalists if it had been damaged at all. Sometimes thieves just take vehicles for some joyriding or to go steal yet other cars. But sometimes they dump a ride after it runs out of gas or is seriously damaged from driving it too hard. Maybe in this case they finally realized taking a cop car was a dumb move.

This is a great time to emphasize you should be taking extra steps to secure your ride and track it down should it be stolen. Kill switches, alarms, parking in a locked garage, and trunk monkeys are all good preventative measures. As for trackers, don’t just rely on the factory GPS system, although turning that on is still wise.

Source: Fox 8

Photo via High Point Police Department

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