Pickup Driver Rams Suspected Car Thief

Jul 12, 2022 2 min read
Pickup Driver Rams Suspected Car Thief

The guy decided police weren’t ending the chase fast enough…

Citizens are becoming increasingly frustrated by what they view as complacency in law enforcement. While we don’t recommend taking the law into your own hands, that’s essentially what one guy in Charlotte, North Carolina did recently during a prolonged police chase. He received news alerts about the suspect who reportedly carjacked several vehicles, and when he saw the guy the vigilante sprung into action, ramming the suspect several times with his Toyota Tundra.

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When interviewed by a local news station, the vigilante, Abraham Nassar, didn’t express any regret at what he did. Instead, he pointed out that his Tundra was outfitted with a steel front bumper, so he figured it could take a few hits. Spurring him further was the information that the suspect had carjacked the SUV with a woman and child inside.

Predictably, the steel bumper did not protect the front end of his truck from deforming. After a few hits it was out of commission, steam pouring out from under the hood. Likely he ruptured the radiator and maybe a few hoses. This is why pursuit vehicles have push bars instead of just steel bumpers.

Nassar didn’t seem all that troubled that his truck was damaged. He told a reporter he just bought a new truck, so the old Tundra was just going to be used as a parts vehicle. We hope he doesn’t need a radiator, grille, hood, front fenders, etc. in the new truck anytime soon.

As some have pointed out, ramming a vehicle with innocent people inside could end poorly, even if you have training like what police officers go through. This is one of the many reasons we don’t recommend you put on a cape and start busting criminals’ chops. Nassar did say he was trying to be careful about how he hit the suspect’s vehicle.

Police reportedly were very nice about Nassar’s vigilantism, citing him only for driving without a license.

The suspect started his rampage by stealing a Jeep from a house in Charlotte. Leading police on a chase for over two hours, he carjacked three more vehicles, including from a woman who was stopped in traffic. When the suspect crashed another stolen vehicle, she got out to see if everyone involved in the accident was okay. That’s when the suspect jumped into her SUV and took off. Finally, the suspect fled across the South Carolina border, then crashed into the side of a Ram pickup in an intersection. Footage of his arrest showed he had injuries to his left forearm.

Sources and images: WSOC, WCNC

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