Next Ram TRX Could Get A Straight-Six

Jun 7, 2023 2 min read
Next Ram TRX Could Get A Straight-Six

Oh supposedly this would never happen…

A new report is making waves because it claims that the next-gen Ram TRX could use the twin-turbo inline-six Hurricane engine that most definitely wouldn’t be used in a Ram truck or something like that. We called out this possibility a long time ago, clearly seeing that this crusade against V8s wouldn’t stop with just muscle cars, but of course that was dismissed by too many as a conspiracy theory or some such thing.

Learn how a classic car attacked a man here.

Automakers lie, that’s a fact you can easily prove if you look back even just a few months. But what’s even more common is automakers not directly saying anything, like a practiced politician, engaging in some great doublespeak so later they can say they said whatever they want. I am, of course, referring to Stellantis and the future of the Hemi V8.

No official statement has been made about Dodges, Rams, or anything else in the Stellantis lineup using a Hemi V8 or not using one in the near future. Sure, executives have said things, but let me tell you executives say a lot of things that PR departments then smooth over and explain away. It’s all part of the game, folks.

Right now, automakers are working with the EPA to phase out gasoline engines, although not all at once. Yes, that’s right, most automakers act like they’re being forced to walk the plank and adopt electrification at the tip of a sword, but the fact is automakers help the EPA write its regulations. Congress could do that, but politicians want to get reelected, not actually govern and make possibly unpopular decisions.

To get everyone out of their dinosaur car that burns fossil fuels and into an EV that’s powered by facilities that burn even dirtier fossil fuels, the industry and EPA know they have to kill the V8. It’s too powerful, too useful, and too much fun. If they make gas-powered cars and trucks insufferable enough, you’ll probably jump at the chance to get an EV instead, right?

So that means it’s entirely believable V8s will start becoming increasingly scarce in Rams and other trucks. The future will be full of anemic vehicle choices and waiting at charging stations. Get ready.

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