Muscle Cars Go Up In Flames During Fire In California

Mar 4, 2022 2 min read
Muscle Cars Go Up In Flames During Fire In California

What a shame!

An investigation is underway in Chula Vista, California, after multiple cars were found up in a blaze in a parking lot. Images clearly show a second-generation Trans Am as one of the severely damaged classic American muscle cars. It’s hard to look at the images and think that this could be the result of a tragic accident, so what caused these rare muscle cars to go up in smoke?

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According to the Fox 5 local news station in San Diego, flames where reported in the city of Chula Vista around 2:45 am on Thursday. The structures on fire were the muscle cars, some lined up, and some further away. They were located in an industrial lot, not far off a main road.

When the firefighters arrived, the found the cars on fire and were able to contain the fire from spreading to any builds, only scorching the front of one of the building. All four cars lineup are reported to be completely destroyed, with a fifth in unknown condition, and it’s unclear if the fifth car was actually in the middle of the line, or in a different position in the parking lot.

According to local news, “Investigators say some of the cars were not next to each other, which prompted them to contact an incident commander.”

There are several automotive businesses in the area, but it’s still unclear which claimed these cars. A few days prior, an RV junkyard went up in flames nearby, due to a homeless camp.

Source: Times of San Diego

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