Mclaren 765LT Goes Head To Head With Chevy Malibu Wagon

Aug 29, 2021 2 min read
Mclaren 765LT Goes Head To Head With Chevy Malibu Wagon

This is the battle of built vs bought.

The team over at Hoonigan racing have become world-renowned engineers for their ability to put together some of the world's fastest functional race cars. This prestige within the automotive community is largely inspired by such builds as the Hoonicorn, Hoonifox, and Hoonitruck. While these are some crazy machines, the Hoonigan Youtube channel has become largely popular due to its journalistic take on the car world. This ranges from setting up drag races for the ever-famous Hoonicorn Mustang to covering other wild events and automotive topics. Today we have an example of the latter option with a race that is sure to shake you to your core.

First, to the starter line, we have a beautiful Mclaren 765LT which is pushing out an insane 750 horsepower from a twin-turbo V8. The interior is very driver-focused with the car even having come from the factory with a roll cage. While the Mclaren is certainly amazing, it's not nearly as interesting as its less stock opponent. Competitor two is a 1980 Chevy Malibu Wagon which has been heavily modified to fit a drag racers paradise. Under the hood of this upgraded beast is the GM LS3. A pioneer of power, this particular engine has been fitted to make 660 horsepower. The suspension is mainly just cheap bolt-on parts and the tires are relatively small drag radials. However, the car regularly lays down nine-second quarter-mile passes at the drag strip.

The two-speed demons pulled up to the line, once the race began it was clear who was destined to take the win. As the Malibu wagon crossed the finish line, the Mclaren followed shortly after as it struggled to overtake the wagon. The Mclaren didn't have access to its launch control so, after some resetting, they were back at it again. The second race was clearly in the Mclarens favor as it allowed him the ability to choose when they started and use launch control, handing the Mclaren the win. The final race came around in which the agreement was to allow the Mclaren to use launch control in a head-to-head race. The launch control failed and the Malibu won again. Of course, there had to be a bonus round and, after finally figuring out how to put the supercar into track mode, the two went at it again in a head-to-head race on the Mclarens' hit. The fact that the Malibu still won every round except for the one with launch control is insane. Just goes to show, if you're going the route of bought instead of built, figure out how to use your launch control first.

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