Matte Black Cutlass Shows Off Ridiculously Powerful Engine

Jun 17, 2021 2 min read
Matte Black Cutlass Shows Off Ridiculously Powerful Engine

What a monster!

The 1980s were a ridiculously famous time for the now world-renowned GM G-body platform. Legends of these insane cars are typically full of hard-hitting low quarter-mile times set to loud rock music as the upgraded engine spits flames down the asphalt stretch. Chances are if you've ever been to the race track, you've been beaten by one of these drag strip dominators. Of course, this legend comes from a good reason. These incredible cars have become famous for their aerodynamic design and incredible engines, most notably the turbocharged 3.8-liter V6 that came in the Buick GNX. This is a prime example of such a car, a matte black 9-second quarter-mile monster with a surprisingly gigantic V8 under the hood.

Under the hood of this incredible monster is a turbocharged 468 cubic inch V8 that pushes some ridiculously high horsepower numbers with the help of an 85mm S500 Turbocharger. That incredible setup takes this beast down the quarter-mile in just 9 seconds. It is also quite clear that the driver knows that due to his constant effort to show off. From intentional late starts to tiny burnouts that seem almost amateur, this guy knows how to get into his opponent’s head. For instance, in the first race of this detailed video, the driver is pitted up against a classic first-generation Camaro with a Chevy Big Block under the hood.

The race started with both cars lining up for a burnout. While the Camaro stayed planted and ripped out an incredible burnout leaving the crowd in ohs and ahs, this bad 1985 Oldsmobile Cutlass decided to keep it short and sweet. As the light starting tree lit up from yellow to green the Camaro leaped off the line as if the finish line was its prey. However, the Cutlass took its time on launch, and when it finally took off it beat that Mustang hunter into the ground with a staggering full second lead despite having launch .85 seconds after the Camaro. It also appears that the driver is holding back the capabilities of the car as, in the final race of the video, the quarter-mile is completed in just 8.9 seconds which is the fastest we've seen from the car so far.

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