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There are some weird looking cars out there on the classic and performance automotive market. Custom cars are particularly easy to make an unlikely appearance on the enthusiast wall of shame especially when comparing the more extravagant examples. Cringe would probably be the best word to describe it and this particular vehicle has no shortage of that. Some might say it looks like a Volkswagen Beetle had a child with a corvette, others might call it a frankenstein disaster. Either way this crushed-looking Corvette is something that steals attention from everything else and it's gonna take every bit of criticism that comes its way.

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From the front you might be wondering what actually is going on with this oddly designed custom performance car. The bumper almost looks like a Jagua while the hood is clearly Corvette and the fascia is almost a combination of the two. One particularly odd part of this body kit is the headlight configuration which still retains some of the original design but also keeps the pop-up design. However, the lights also show themselves out of the front bumper which sort of negates the point of pop-ups.


If you do find yourself looking towards the rear of this car, something I wouldn’t advise, you’ll see something very strange. Essentially it looks like the builder went for a steeper approach to the rear windshield likely mimicking some European models. Looking at some ads quickly, you find out that this car is currently on the market with what looks like an $11,000 price tag. It’s pretty funny reading some of the listing for it and watching the writers try desperately to find a positive about this car. At the end of the day though it is still perfectly running and driving C-5 Corvette with a 5.7 L LS1 under the hood which pretty much makes it worth it and many people‘s eyes. Do you think this car is worth $11,000?

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