Massachusetts Man Buys Camaro ZL1 Using ID Theft

Jan 25, 2024 1 min read
Massachusetts Man Buys Camaro ZL1 Using ID Theft

No, he was not too embarrassed to use his real name…

According to a local report, 28-year-old Brandon Brouillard of Worcester County in Massachusetts made a plea deal on April 8 relating to his fraudulently buying a Chevy Camaro ZL1 for $83,000. The man reportedly stole the identities of two victims to pull off this stunt, instead of working hard and saving up his own money.

The whole crime went down in April of 2021 after Brouillard took a 2021 Camaro ZL1 for a test drive. He liked the American muscle car so much he agreed to buy it for $83,000. We’re sure the decision was pretty easy to make considering he was using other people’s money.

Days after the man picked up the Camaro, the dealership learned the cashier’s check he turned over didn’t clear. The account it was drafted on was frozen. That’s hen the dealer contacted Brouillard, who said he would wire the $83,000 and explained the whole thing was a mix-up.

To get the original funds, Brouillard opened a bank account under another person’s identity, wiring $108,000 from another person’s account. When that didn’t work, he tried to wire money from yet another person’s account by writing an email to the bank, requesting the funds be sent to pay for a “brother-in-law’s car.” According to the US Attorney’s Office, Brouillard cleaned that person out of about $500,000 by making large fraudulent purchases which were shipped to his house.

Identity theft is not a joke; millions of families suffer every year. Still, we can find this case to be quite bizarre in a few ways. First off, who pays $83,000 for a Camaro, even if it is a ZL1? We’re thinking the guy thought he was the only one pulling a fast one, but so was the dealership. Sure, he wasn’t actually paying for the car, but he got worked on the price! Also, why do dealers hand over cars before checks clear?

Source: Worcester Daily Voice

Photo via Facebook

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