Man Builds 1930s Style Race Car

Nov 13, 2022 2 min read
Man Builds 1930s Style Race Car

This racing fan is a detail-oriented builder with a beautiful goal in mind.

The 1930s were a special time within the automotive industry as many new facets of automobile design began influencing production. One of the most recognizable movements in the world of cars was the improvement of performance across the various brands in the industry. From Duesnbergs to BMW, these vehicles were getting faster, lighter, and better looking as engineers were given a lot more leeway in creative design. One event which allowed companies from across the globe to showcase their car’s performance was racing which is why it became such a popular sport at the time.

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This racing enthusiast decided to take things into his own hands, using his passion for speed to build something extraordinary. While the exterior of his prized driving vehicle looks like an abandoned race car, every piece of this vehicle was built for speed. Under the vehicle sits an original 1930 Nash chassis, a popular choice for any racer during the first golden era of automotive racing. The rest of the car was specifically picked out and even designed by the owner, who worked with someone he described as a ”metal artist” to make the body. Even the side-exit exhaust pipes seem to be bespoke pieces of custom design and engineering that make the car one of a kind.

Under the hood is a massive straight-eight engine that produces a pretty hefty power and torque figure fit for any vintage racing course. It all started with one chair fixed to the chassis, eventually leading to a birdcage body and, finally, a fully built racing vehicle. Spinning tires is likely no issue for this classic high-performance race car which is why it has earned its own name and reputation for fun. Deemed “Dutchie” after the driver’s national heritage, this particular hand-crafted sports car has the sort of personality and style which has become rare in today’s world of cars. All of this makes it one of the coolest custom vehicles in modern car enthusiast culture, and we hope to see a lot more like it in the years to come.

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