Lamborghini Urus Lands On Duplex Roof

Nov 25, 2022 2 min read
Lamborghini Urus Lands On Duplex Roof

And it was driven by a Florida man, of course…

On July 24 at about 3:30 pm what otherwise would have been a peaceful Sunday afternoon for residents in a Fort Lauderdale, Florida neighborhood was shattered suddenly when a Lamborghini Urus landed on the roof of a duplex. While a lot of bizarre things seem to happen in the Sunshine State, it shockingly wasn’t raining luxury SUVs from the sky. Instead, this was the result of a high-speed crash.

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A neighbor’s surveillance footage obtained by local station WSVN shows the Lamborghini SUV speeding down the residential street, blow through a stop sign, then get absolutely nailed by another large SUV. The Urus spun out of control, flipped, vaulted into the air, and landed on the edge of the house’s roof before finally coming to rest on the ground.

After the crash, the thoroughly wrecked Lambo caught on fire. Fortunately, a man who was right there saw the person in the Italian SUV wasn’t getting out, so he pulled the driver to safety. That good Samaritan said the driver suddenly came to, said he was “good” and then ran off without his shoes on. That kind of response would make us suspect this was a stolen vehicle since the owner could be traced through the VIN.

Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue remarked on its Facebook page that this was one of those “certain calls that will never be forgotten.” We can only imagine they don’t usually respond to a luxury Italian SUV falling onto a house’s roof, then catching fire, then the driver taking off in his socks. Fortunately, nobody inside the duplex was hurt in the accident, but the building had to be vacated thanks to the damage.

Funny enough, the local station interviewed a neighbor who claims the intersection where this accident happened is a magnet for crashes. The man said it was the third collision in just a week’s time, which is unusual for a residential area.

Source: WSVN

Photos via Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue

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