Thieves keep getting more brazen…

Lest you think the car theft crime wave is only affecting the United States, our neighbors to the north are dealing with their fair share of the problem. The theft of a Lamborghini last Thursday during a home invasion robbery in Toronto clearly demonstrates how out of control things are.

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In fact, while looking for the stolen Lambo, police in Toronto were on the hunt for three suspects involved in three different carjackings on May 18. That’s right, things are so bad, the thieves are just going after the cars when they’re occupied, not when they’re sitting overnight. According to police, all the victims were near their car while it sat in the driveway.

Several men pulled up to the houses in a white Hyundai Elantra, with one jumping out, brandishing a gun while demanding the keys. That’s scary because the likelihood someone is going to be seriously hurt or worse killed increases dramatically in these types of situations. The stolen cars are a 2008 white Lexus IS250, a 2019 black Toyota Rav4, and a 2019 blue Toyota Corolla.

Thankfully, police did eventually locate the stolen Lamborghini on May 19. Since they stick out like a sore thumb and aren’t horribly common, the thieves were pretty stupid to be driving around the area in it. Then again, most criminals aren’t exactly geniuses, which is why they live a life of crime.

One witness described seeing the fleeing Lamborghini. “I was driving westbound on Eglinton Ave. W. at 8:05 when suddenly I see this black Lamborghini come right up to my back and slam on the breaks before swerving like a maniac around my car into eastbound traffic.”

Toronto Police Insp. Paul Krawczyk briefed local media about the incident, saying one male is under arrest, with at least one suspect on the loose, but likely there are more. Officers were seen with dogs as they searched for those involved in the crime.

Source: Toronto Sun

Photo via Lamborghini

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