Kyle Petty: From NASCAR Champion to Television Show Host

Apr 8, 2024 1 min read
Kyle Petty: From NASCAR Champion to Television Show Host

He is known for his talkative nature.

Kyle Petty, once a notable figure behind the wheel, is now capturing audiences from the other side of the screen. After retiring from NASCAR racing in 2008, Petty took on a career as a race analyst, collaborating with several networks, including his present role with NBC Sports. While this transition from racing track to television studio was seamless for someone of Petty's stature, the former racer's career has taken an even more exciting turn.

Lately, Petty has been driving into a unique intersection of chat, cars, and culinary delights with his TV show, "Dinner Drive with Kyle Petty." If one were to imagine the flavor of hit shows like "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives" and "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee" fused with a Southern charm, they'd land right at Petty’s newest venture.

Known for his lively and diverse personality during his three-decade-long driving career, Petty brings his inquisitive nature to the show. While he has conversed with renowned figures from the NASCAR community – including a memorable episode with his legendary father, Richard Petty, acknowledged as the most successful driver in NASCAR's history – the latest season promises a broader guest list. Fans can expect appearances from other sports legends based in Charlotte, such as retired Carolina Panthers tight end and now Fox Sports' primary NFL analyst, Greg Olsen, and the retired guard from Charlotte Hornets, Muggsy Bogues, who is currently serving as a team ambassador.

This fresh direction for Kyle Petty exemplifies how passions can evolve and manifest in new, creative avenues. His latest endeavor marries his love for cars and conversation, offering fans an intimate dining experience with some of the most recognizable names in sports. Given the rich tapestry of stories and experiences Petty and his guests bring to the table, "Dinner Drive with Kyle Petty" is set to be an engaging ride for viewers.

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