King Of The GTOs Shows Its Royal Bobcat Jewels

Jan 17, 2022 2 min read
King Of The GTOs Shows Its Royal Bobcat Jewels

This car is an awesome restoration project sporting an iconic platform and a massive Bobcat V8 under the hood.

The Pontiac GTO is regarded as the ultimate American muscle car by automotive enthusiasts everywhere because of its status as the first actual muscle car ever to hit the nation's sales floor. In addition, these cars brought performance from the shallow grave in which it had previously been buried by the recent "gentlemen's agreement" against racing. Finally, Americans could make good use of their incredible V8 engines with what was considered to be a lightweight chassis at the time and some excellent modification potential. Hot rodders took a serious interest in these cars and began running them at the quarter-mile drag strip. This particular vehicle is the epitome of everything those speed demons lived for. So what makes this car so incredible?

For the most part, it's a combination of the overall build quality and the insane engine which sits under the hood. Of course, we're talking about the famous Royal Bobcat V8, which utilizes 421 cubic inches of displacement to push out some ridiculous horsepower number with some serious upgrades that help this thing tango with the best of them. According to the builder, this car will outrun any 427 Chevelle, Nova, or Camaro on the street. While he is not 100% sure of its ability to outrun Corvettes, he says he'd still be confident and would like to try it out sometime. We suppose that's a good thing as the guy recording the video of this incredible GTO specializes in rebuilding classic 'Vettes.

Of course, just like any other restoration, there is a lot more about this superb vehicle than just what's under the hood, as this is a complete rebuild dedicated to bringing the car that brought on the first muscle car revolution back to life. Stopping power is provided by a set of ventilated drum brakes on all four corners, which would have been a crazy option to have on the car back in the day and earns some respect from hard-core muscle car enthusiasts. In addition, every part of this car has been reshaped, cleaned, and repainted to resemble the former glory of this iconic automobile. All of this comes together in a beautifully crafted classic muscle car to give the next owner of this thing the ride of their life.

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