Jaguar E-Type Fulfills Man’s Childhood Wish

Apr 7, 2020 2 min read
Jaguar E-Type Fulfills Man’s Childhood Wish

This story proves dreams do come true.

Just about everyone has that car that first captivated them in every way as a child. For some it’s a dramatic Porsche 911 Turbo. Others were mesmerized by a Shelby GT500. Kenny Lombino fell in love with the Jaguar E-Typeat the ripe age of 8 years-old while attending the New York Auto Show.

Lombino didn’t stop at just buying a Jaguar E-Type. After he saw several on a track really showing off at the Silverstone Classic, he decided to have his modified. It was an attempt to recreate the excitement he felt while watching the cars race in England.

This Jaguar has a name: Gwendoline. Not everyone names their cars but it’s definitely a common-enough of a practice. It’s a way of making cars more human and highlighting their personality. What’s funny is Lombino decided not only was his car a female, but it had to have a proper British name. The rest is history.

You might think it’s funny, but Lombino calls his E-Type the best girlfriend ever. There are a lot of ways to interpret that, but the man definitely has a passion for his vehicle, to say the least. He readily points out that many consider it to be the most beautiful car ever made. For some that’s enough reason to be content.

Like many people, Lombinio’s love of cars meant he started collecting memorabilia from the time he was young, starting with a model of the Jaguar E-Type. When it was time for him to buy a vehicle, he purchased a sports car. That was back when such a thing was more in reach for everyday people. It’s sad to realize today there are few affordable sports cars, and people wonder why kids aren’t as excited about driving.

What car did you fall in love with from a young age? Did you ever end up buying one? Was it all you had fantasized it would be?

Photo credit: YouTube

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