Check Out The Infamous Snopp Dogg Super Bowl Impala

Jan 22, 2023 1 min read
Check Out The Infamous Snopp Dogg Super Bowl Impala

This is the Impala driven by the rapper in the halftime show.

Low riders have become some of America's most iconic automotive enthusiasts because of their incredibly low to the ground cars. These vehicles minimize ride hide severely; they also sport some crazy paint colors and designs. To many, these cars were created to reflect the incredibly colorful culture of central America, which is something that they do very well. With today's straightforward access to parts via the internet, we've seen a lot more classic cars popping up left and right. These cars have become extremely popular as it is easier than ever to build your very own lowrider. So what is it that makes this particular vehicle so unique compared to its California cruiser cousins?

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The main distinction of this car is the attentive design and focus on the most minor details, which makes this one of the most visually attractive Impalas of all time. Countless hours were spent by the owner perfecting every pinstripe and planning out the suspension. Initially, the car was going to be on airbags. However, the lowrider community tends to look down on air-ride suspension as it's a lot easier than dealing with a hydraulic setup. Eventually, the car evolved into a complete low riding champion with a suspension system that could rival any hopper or weekend cruiser.

Under the hood of this car was a definitively chosen V8 engine which was meant to combine the power of a muscle car with the lowrider style that the owner had looked up to for so long. This car was built as the bridge between the iconic attitude of the 1950s lowrider scene with the 1960s and '70s focus on power and performance. Without a doubt, the owner did what he set out to do but in case you needed more proof, this car was also featured in a Super Bowl ad. In this commercial, the legendary Snoop Dogg got behind the wheel of this low riding masterpiece and forever cemented the name "Mothership" into the community's history.

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