This Is The Most Hilarious Chinese Knockoff Yet

Sep 26, 2022 2 min read
This Is The Most Hilarious Chinese Knockoff Yet

Can you guess what this thing is supposed to be?

The Chinese have a knack for ripping off foreign car designs. Sometimes they do such a good job they get sued, other times the results are hilariously bad. What we have today is a great example of the latter in the form of the Sino Vehicle Hub Tundar. That’s right, this thing is supposed to be a third-gen Toyota Tundra, only it looks like it was ordered off Wish.

Check out the Chinese copy of the C1 Corvette here.

Everything about this wanna-be Toyota truck is hilarious, with many of the proportions shrunk way down from the full-size pickup. There’s still the gaping front grille, the headlights are the same general shape, plus the weird grilles under the headlights are present. SVH also included the little fender bulges and mimicked the taillights fairly well.

Most hilarious about the Tundar is the “Tundra” name stamped into the tailgate, just like on the real thing. Why did they do that and not just name it the Tundra? We don’t understand the logic, if there is any.

For whatever reason SVH decided to add a chase rack, probably because it figures customers really want that. The anchor points positioned above the rear fenders is an interesting addition. Then there are those tiny little wheels – just adorable!

If you look at the interior of the Tundar, that’s where all tributes to the real Tundra are ditched completely. It’s pretty bare-bones, not the luxury cruiser cab Toyota offers these days, probably to keep costs down. In fact, it doesn’t even look like this thing comes with airbags, plus you get a stick. We’d be all for this kind of simplicity but under the hood is a wimpy four-banger, proving that looks sometimes do absolutely match performance.

H/T: Drive

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