Dyno Test Unveils True Power of Ford's Gen-4 Coyote Engine

Jan 31, 2024 1 min read
Dyno Test Unveils True Power of Ford's Gen-4 Coyote Engine

The dyno doesn't lie!

In a recent revelation that's stirring excitement in the automotive world, the true capabilities of Ford's Gen-4 Coyote engine have been brought to light through rigorous dyno testing. This 5.0-liter V-8 powerhouse, a cornerstone in the evolution of the Mustang GT, has been a subject of intrigue for its advertised peak of 480 horsepower. The latest tests, however, provide a more nuanced understanding of this celebrated engine's performance.

Ford's fourth-generation Coyote engine, renowned for its blend of raw power and refined engineering, has demonstrated significant advancements over its predecessors. Each generation of the Coyote engine has marked a step forward in power and performance, setting new benchmarks in the industry. The Gen 4 iteration is no exception, showcasing Ford’s unwavering commitment to elevating performance engineering.

The dyno test results reveal an intriguing narrative. The Gen 4 Coyote engine clocked in at 408 horsepower, a figure slightly lower than the expected range of 415 to 420 horsepower often cited in the vehicle's specifications. Additionally, it recorded a torque output of 340 pound-feet. These initial figures, while impressive, sparked further analysis.

In pursuit of precision, the testing team employed the SAE corrected factor, a standard practice in horsepower evaluation that adjusts the raw figures to a more standardized metric. After applying these corrections, the true prowess of the Gen 4 Coyote engine came into sharper focus. The corrected horsepower ascended to 417.9, effectively rounding up to an impressive 418 horsepower. This revelation not only aligns with the anticipated performance range but also reaffirms the engine's robust capabilities.

The dyno test of the Gen-4 Coyote engine underscores the intricate balance between innovation and legacy that Ford has mastered. It's a testament to the engine's design and technological prowess, solidifying its status as a key player in the ongoing success and appeal of the Mustang GT. This latest insight into the Gen-4 Coyote engine's true power is sure to resonate with enthusiasts and professionals alike, highlighting Ford's ability to merge tradition with cutting-edge performance.

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