Ford Falcon Emerges From Decades Of Dust to Fetch $247,000 at Auction

Dec 13, 2023 2 min read
Ford Falcon Emerges From Decades Of Dust to Fetch $247,000 at Auction

This is quite the barn find.

A 1970 Ford XY Falcon GT, a classic gem concealed under a Queensland home for over half a century, has recently been unearthed, capturing the attention of car enthusiasts across Australia. This extraordinary 'barn find' realized a staggering sale price of AU$230,000 ($247,000) at auction, highlighting the enduring allure and value of vintage automobiles.

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The Ford Falcon, initially used by the Ford Motor Company for a year in 1970, was eventually sold to an employee in Brisbane. The car, cherished for its brief time on the road, saw just about 16 months of driving before its long hibernation. Last registered in 1979, the vehicle remarkably retains its original number plates and is in surprisingly solid condition despite its years of inactivity.

The story of this Ford Falcon is as fascinating as its condition. Purchased by its most recent owner around 1972, it was driven until around 1976 before being relegated to a garage, where it remained untouched and gathering dust for decades. Notably, while the car was physically immobile, it remained officially registered until 1996, a testament to the owner's lingering attachment to this classic piece.

The car's authenticity is further validated by its accompanying service manual and a comprehensive vehicle history. The odometer, frozen in time, displays a modest 65,278 miles (105,054 km), a figure that speaks volumes about the car's relatively brief period of active use.

The Falcon's emergence and subsequent auction stirred significant interest, drawing over 400 potential buyers from across the country. The enthusiasm culminated in a winning bid of $230,000, a figure that reflects both the car's inherent value and the captivating story of its long seclusion.

This 1970 Ford XY Falcon GT's journey from a forgotten relic to a prized auction piece not only underscores the enduring passion for classic cars but also the fascinating stories these vehicles often carry with them. For the lucky new owner, this car isn't just a purchase; it's a piece of automotive history brought back to life.

Source: Stuff

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