Florida Redhead Twins Caught Stealing Cars

Apr 29, 2024 2 min read
Florida Redhead Twins Caught Stealing Cars

Disney, we’ve found your next stars for The Parent Trap!

Oh Florida, you can’t do things like other states. While Georgia, South Carolina, and others have organized gangs of car thieves swiping Dodge Hellcats and Mercedes, Gatorland does one better with twin brothers swiping multiple cars just days apart. This is truly a bizarre story which can only come from one place.

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According to a local news report, the 19-year-olds were both arrested in the Florida Panhandle. The first incident took place on April 10 when a truck was stolen in Crestview and was recovered in Freeport, about 45 miles away. When Walton County Sheriff’s deputies tracked down the truck, they saw a redheaded guy running away from the area.

With few ginger car thieves in the area, we imagine tracking this guy down wasn’t too difficult. Deputies caught up with him the next day, making an arrest after he was “loitering and prowling” in a stranger’s backyard. Yep, mastermind criminal mind at work.

The story gets even better, because on April 12 a Chevy Silverado was stolen in Freeport by someone with “sneakingly similar features.” That truck was later located about 20 miles away in Red Bay. Then on April 13 footage of two men stealing a Monte Carlo and then a Jeep in the same spot featured the same redhead.

Finally on April 14 deputies made their collar, arresting the other evil twin. Now, the sheriff’s office thinks there might be a connection between the two brothers and three others arrested for car theft in the Verandas in Freeport recently.

Considering the fact these brothers are criminal masterminds, we wouldn’t be surprised if they’re running a 5-man international car theft ring. Plus, the one brother was arrested while wearing socks with Crocs. Only tough guys do that, so he’ll be running the jail underground soon. Or maybe they’ll star in the next The Parent Trap movie?

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