Five Rolls Royces And Dusty Buick Barn Finds

May 10, 2022 2 min read
Five Rolls Royces And Dusty Buick Barn Finds

The collection dwells in the Appalachian Mountains.

We've all seen some valuable classic cars show up on some old collector's front lawn or storage shed. In fact, many of the world's most incredible luxury vehicles have been seen near the end of their lives rotting away in a barn. However, these cars are usually saved from their horrible resting place for restoration. These cars typically go on to sell for big bucks or end up in the personal collection of the builder, provided their quality has satisfied the requirements. Although sometimes a collection of rough condition project cars is seen as one of these caches, there is one significant difference. The owners actually work on them!

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That is certainly the case for this massive collection of luxury automobiles whose owner has taken pretty good care of his beloved vehicles. While the exterior of most of the cars is covered in dust and dirt, most of the cars still run. This is evident with one vintage vehicle whose body had sunken into the ground. Despite this, the owner claimed that he had the car up and running just weeks before filming after some slight tinkering. As with many old cars, starting is not so much of an issue as stopping the vehicle, which is likely why it hasn't seen the road in quite some time.

Out of the whole collection, a few Rolls-Royce caught the attention of one interviewer surveying the land. The first two were from the '80s, with one an '88 and the other an '81. These cars show the contrast in styling, exterior design, and interior features that carried the brand through some of the most challenging times for luxury cars imaginable. While Rolls Royce can be pretty interesting, the impressive collection of vintage Buicks caught our attention. Especially when examining one 1952 Buick Roadmaster, we were impressed by the engineering. Sitting atop the straight-eight engine was a four-barrel carburetor, which helped make some prominent power figures. This wild collection is one of the most exciting gatherings of luxury vehicles we've seen, and as these cars become more popular, we'll surely see many more like them.

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