Field Full Of Forgotten Muscle Cars

Mar 21, 2022 2 min read
Field Full Of Forgotten Muscle Cars

These classic cars have been sitting for decades but are now ready to strut their stuff once more.

Automotive history dates back far before any of us were ever born; in fact, likely, there isn't a single person alive who remembers a time before cars. Because of this, we could reasonably say that our automobiles grew and innovated alongside our modern civilization, constantly changing with each new generation. The era known as the muscle car revolution is particularly fascinating as it was the first time in history that a massive sum of people was buying cars simply because they were fast. Today these cars are primarily found in abandoned warehouses, barns, and fields, except for collector cars. Here's one collection that embodies that spirit of forgotten performance cars perfectly.

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Front and center in this field, you'll find what appears to be a bright Lime Green Dodge Challenger sitting upon a trailer, apparently being brought to a better life than rotting away in the field. To its left, you'll see a convertible Roadrunner probably from around 1969, although it's hard to say due to the gathering of rust and deteriorated state. Unfortunately, this place is so overgrown that you may miss the incredible history it holds if you aren't paying attention. Even more pieces of automotive legend sit around the property. Still, one particular set is a three-piece group consisting of two Challengers, a convertible, and a Plymouth Satellite. These are interesting because they seem to be under a porch which really leaves you wondering what they were doing under there, to begin with.

Finally, as mentioned above, we have the side panels to the Little Red Express pickup truck under the porch. That truck is scattered throughout the property in pieces as the owner obviously had some sort of plans that were eventually foiled by the decay of the old pickup. These cars may appear beyond repair, but vehicles have been saved from the clutches of damnation. For the time being, it seems that the others may yet see a happier fate than most of these types of muscle cars we've seen before.

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