They'll pay you to snitch.

Ferrari, the iconic Italian supercar manufacturer, has taken an innovative step to protect its esteemed brand against counterfeiting. The company recently announced the launch of the 'Ferrari Anti-Counterfeiting Reward' program, a unique initiative aimed at incentivizing individuals to identify and report replicas, fakes, or copies of Ferrari merchandise and cars, including both current models and classic cars.

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Under this new program, Ferrari encourages anyone who spots a counterfeit version of its products to report it directly to the company's headquarters in Maranello. Upon receiving such reports, Ferrari's formidable legal team will spring into action, assessing the situation and determining the appropriate legal response against the alleged offenders.

In an exciting twist, individuals who successfully identify these counterfeit products may receive a reward for their vigilance. While the specifics regarding the nature and size of these rewards remain undisclosed, the initiative is designed to engage not only the ardent Ferrari enthusiasts, known as the 'Tifosi,' but also the general public.

Ferrari's battle against counterfeiting is a long-standing one, involving numerous legal disputes to safeguard its valuable brand and intellectual property. The company has previously taken legal action against the unauthorized sale of counterfeit models of its Formula One cars and unapproved use of its logo.

In one notable case this year, Ferrari lost a legal battle against a Spanish car dealer who advertised his business using a replica Ferrari built on a cheaper Ford Cougar model. Ferrari had even sought jail time for the defendant in this case, reflecting the intensity of its efforts to clamp down on counterfeits.

The 'Ferrari Anti-Counterfeiting Reward' program represents a proactive approach by the luxury carmaker to involve the public in its crusade against counterfeiting. By offering incentives, Ferrari hopes to leverage the power of community vigilance to uphold the integrity and prestige of its brand on a global scale.

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