Ferrari Blacklists The Kardashians

May 18, 2022 1 min read
Ferrari Blacklists The Kardashians

It’s about time!

Ferrari just elevated itself by a few hundred notches after news leaked it blacklisted the Kardashians. The Italian automaker has always been restrictive about who can buy its cars from authorized dealers. Some people really hate that and it’s understandable, but Ferrari is a private business and if it doesn’t want to sell its beautiful machines to fake “reality TV” stars then we applaud this decision.

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Hey, if the Italians don’t want to be associated with no-talent celebrities who got famous for reasons none of us understand, great. In fact, this really does elevate the image of the brand dramatically.

To be clear, Ferrari says it doesn’t blacklist anyone. But it does actively vet anyone who wants to buy a car. And it regularly tells people they aren’t qualified to buy anything. The company has a reputation to maintain and it doesn’t want certain people cheapening the brand. You can think that’s snobby or out of line, but if you have the cash you can just buy a Lamborghini or McLaren instead of crying about it. Or buy a Ferrari on the open market instead of through one of the select dealers.

There’s quite the list of celebrities it’s rumored Ferrari has decided won’t be able to buy another of its cars. Among them is Deadmau5, the EDM musician who famously took a Ferrari 458 Spider and applied a wrap dedicated to a meme from the early 2000s called Nyan Cat, calling the car Purrari. As you might imagine, the powers that be in Maranello were not the least bit amused.

Rapper Tyga supposedly can’t buy another Ferrari after his 458 Spider was repossessed, a look the Italians didn’t want to repeat. Automotive journalist and co-host of Top Gear Chris Harris fell on Ferrari’s bad side after writing something critical of the company back in 2011. Car collector Preston Henn famously sued Ferrari for $75,000 after being rejected, arguing his reputation was tarnished. However, he later dropped the suit.

Source: Marca

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