Father And Son Built This 1969 Plymouth Road Runner

Oct 31, 2023 2 min read
Father And Son Built This 1969 Plymouth Road Runner

It’s a 10-second car…

We’re a big fan of sleepers since they allow you to fly under the radar on the road and lull your rivals into complacency on the track. This 1969 Plymouth Road Runner is a pretty good one since it looks pretty much stock from the exterior, unlike so many others out there these days. However, what’s under the skin is anything but what came from the factory.

Check out the classic car in the UK that burst into flames as it was driving here.

Profiled recently by Hand Built Cars, this is one special ride. For starters, it’s helped the father and son team strengthen their bond, a value others might not understand but we definitely appreciate.

Even more remarkable, the father and son live in the UK. The father says he’s owned American cars since he was in his 20s. Now we learned from Jeremy Clarkson and company that only freaks and losers in the UK like American cars. The “cool kids” there are into four-banger hatchbacks because they like going slow and looking like they’re 16 years-old.

Under that hood with the nice wide scoop is a true monster: a 440ci V8 4bbl with a claimed 660-horsepower on tap. No doubt that’s enough to disturb some neighbors enjoying their tea and crumpets. With the help of some friends the father met at York Raceway, they were able to set up everything correctly to push this badass Plymouth to become a true 10-second car.

The fact these two were able to put together this build when they don’t have access to all the cheap and readily available Mopar parts we enjoy here in the US is also quite impressive. Even here, this sleeper would be quite the car, but the conditions under which they built this made it extra difficult, we’re sure.

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