Dodge Coronet Restomod: A 700-HP Marvel

Dec 5, 2023 1 min read
Dodge Coronet Restomod: A 700-HP Marvel

It even charms the police!

In the world of custom cars, a Dodge Coronet restomod with a roaring 700 horsepower stands out as a remarkable example of automotive excellence. This beast of a machine, boasting a Mopar Performance 472ci Hemi V8 engine, effortlessly blurs the line between classic muscle and modern power. The vehicle not only captivates car enthusiasts but has even managed to impress the law enforcement community, often seen as the antithesis to the spirit of high-speed motoring.

This particular Coronet, with its aggressive styling and potent performance, has a way of turning heads, including those of the police. In a surprising twist during a routine traffic stop, instead of reprimanding the driver, an officer was more interested in what lay under the hood. The interaction shifted from a typical enforcement scenario to a shared moment of automotive admiration. The driver's enthusiastic response, “You wanna see it?” and the subsequent unveiling of the Hemi engine, exemplifies the universal appeal of a well-crafted machine.

This Coronet isn't just about raw power; it's a harmonious blend of performance and aesthetics. The powerplant is paired with a 727 reverse manual valve body transmission, channeling immense power to the wheels, resulting in an exhilarating, tire-smoking spectacle. Despite its impressive output, the car maintains a near-stock interior, offering comfort alongside performance.

Remarkably street-legal, this Coronet is capable of running the quarter-mile in the low 11-second range, a testament to its exceptional engineering. Its drum brakes, measuring 11 inches all around, ensure that this powerhouse can be reined in effectively after a spirited drive.

The charm of this Dodge Coronet extends beyond its technical prowess. It represents a bridge between different facets of the automotive world, uniting muscle car fans and law enforcement in mutual admiration. Its ability to put a smile on the faces of both car enthusiasts and the police is a rare and delightful phenomenon, showcasing the unifying power of a beautifully crafted automobile. This Dodge Coronet is more than just a car; it's a symbol of the joy and passion that drives the automotive community.

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