Cobbled-Together Dodge Challenger Fails At Off-Roading

Apr 16, 2024 2 min read
Cobbled-Together Dodge Challenger Fails At Off-Roading

I probably wouldn't just left him stranded...

I can personally attest that grown adults do some truly stupid things on off-road trails. One of the most common mistakes made is taking a vehicle that’s not capable on a pathway, getting it stuck easily. Usually it’s some crossover with all-wheel drive (or even worse, front-wheel drive) that the owner thought was a hardcore rig because the automaker aired a commercial where it splashes through a stream before chasing down a 10-point buck in an open field. But this is the first time I’ve seen someone take a Dodge Challenger on a trail.

You might be wondering what kind of person takes a muscle car off-roading, which was exactly what I was thinking. Admittedly, I probably wouldn’t have been as nice as Matt was about this recovery operation, but then again he’s a true professional and genuinely nice guy. The man is pulling people out of the consequences of their stupid decisions all the time and he doesn’t harass a single one – absolutely amazing. He keeps his cool even when the Dodge is stuck in deep sand.

It gets even better: the Mopar muscle car was out of coolant so it couldn’t be started up and ran for more than a short burst. Gee, this is a hard one: maybe just maybe this guy who thought off-roading a Challenger damaged the cooling system, causing all the coolant to empty onto the sand as he marveled at how far he was getting on the trail? With any luck a few coyotes will lap it up later.

Oh no, it gets even better than that: this guy pops the hood and starts explaining how he’s “jabbed (the) radiator a bajillion times” so he patched the thing with Gorilla Glue. Are you kidding me? Now we know what kind of person off-roads their Dodge Challenger. Somehow, Matt doesn’t just haul off and tell this guy to hand in his man card because he doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing.

Sure, even in the most capable rig you’re going to get stuck sooner or later. That’s why the off-roader code requires you to help recover others, like this older couple on the quad did. Realizing they couldn’t pull the portly muscle car out of the sand, they called the guy you really want to show up in this situation.

Even though the driver of the Mopar made a big deal about how he “made it this far” as he casually sat on the windowsill of his open door, having done untold damage to the underbody of his Challenger, Matt still didn’t say one unkind word. He’s a bigger man than I am, that’s for sure. I wonder if he said anything in his head, because how could you not? Some people just don’t get what off-roading is all about, like not at all.

Images via YouTube

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