Dodge Brothers’ Car Comes Home In Pieces, Ends Up Being The Perfect Restoration

Jun 27, 2022 2 min read
Dodge Brothers’ Car Comes Home In Pieces, Ends Up Being The Perfect Restoration

How this 1927 Dodge Brothers car became one of the auto industry’s best restorations…

Barney and Barbara Mendez are a couple of classic-loving car enthusiasts in Fresno, California, with a passion for history and style. So naturally, the pair decided that at some point, they'd love to have a classic car, which eventually led to their search. While initially, they were looking for a muscle car capable of laying down impressive times at the drag strip and showing off at the local cars and coffee, they could find something that fit them. That was until an ad popped up for a 1927 Dodge Brothers Sedan, practically the polar opposite of a muscle car. Deciding to check it out anyway because it was close to their home, Barbara instantly fell in love with the old clunker and its story.

While the car was mostly in pieces when they purchased the Dodge, the couple was determined to restore the vintage vehicle to its original greatness. This sentiment was shared by the previous owner, who was the son of the original buyer of this car. He had plans of restoring it himself, but we all know how expensive that can sometimes be and for one reason or another, he had to sell his classic car. Countless hours were spent wrenching and examining every original piece of this vintage automobile in hopes that it would give them a better understanding of the car and its origins. Eventually, this paid off exceptionally well in a heartwarming show of persistence and hard work.

Three years after having started restoration, the shop called Barbara for a test drive to ensure everything was up to her standards. Rather than bask in the glory herself, she handed the keys over to the original owner's son. In the end, the son gave the couple the thumbs up as the perfectly recreated classic likely brought forth some good memories. This story is more than just a lucky couple finding their dream car in an unlikely form or even an extraordinary tale about a classic Dodge. Instead, this story shows the power of sentimental value, kindness, and what incredible things can be done with a dedicated goal in mind. Truly this car is an exceptional piece of automotive history, and we hope to see more like it in the years to come.

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