Dirt-Cheap ‘Cuda Given New Life

Jan 22, 2023 2 min read
Dirt-Cheap ‘Cuda Given New Life

The impossible is attempted.

The Plymouth Cuda Is one of the most iconic American muscle cars to ever feature a V-8 engine. Under the hood you could find anything from 383, 440, or the elusive 426 hemi. Of course, that ladder type is sort of the stuff of legends and something that most people won’t even be able to see, let alone drive, for a while. While these cars typically amass gratuitous sums of money at auction, this guy was able to find himself an example for dirt cheap. The only catch is that the car is completely torn apart and riddled with flood damage. So what exactly does this car enthusiast want with a vehicle that most would consider to be dead already?

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Well, as the title suggests, this dude wants to see if he can take this car from the depths of automotive hell to the top of his local bracket racing circuit. Clearly it’s not competition ready yet but, with a lot of hard work and undying dedication to the car, it might prove to be a useful weapon on the track. Originally the car sat at the bottom of a ravine that had a tendency to flood heavily. Somewhere down the line, it was rescued by a couple of guys who built a race car out of it after which it successfully competed seemingly taunting its opponents with its downright atrocious exterior condition. This likely made the car a psychological thriller whenever those familiar with the vehicle showed up at the track.

However, despite its reputation and vast accomplishments the car hasn’t had exactly the best experience driving in the last decade or so. In fact, after being sold to collector, the car hasn’t even run in about eight years and clearly has some issues. Even when the newest owner came to pick it up it wouldn’t keep running and there was some leakage despite the listing stating that the car was running and driving fine. Whatever the condition of the car was at the time, the new owner soon got to work on modifications such as replacing the fuel tank, because it was flowing with bad gas. When all was said and done, The car was featured at a massive Mopar event with thousands of fans hungry for the smell of burnt rubber. While the car might not have performed super well on the track or during the burnout competition, it’s still cool to see this old clunker back up and running as it gives us hope that it may one day wear its old style once again.

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