Czech Police Confiscate Ferrari 458 Italia For Their Own Use

Dec 3, 2022 2 min read
Czech Police Confiscate Ferrari 458 Italia For Their Own Use

We’re wondering if they’ll be selling posters of this car online?

The old saying is you can outrun a police cruiser but you can’t outrun a Motorola. Apparently police in the Czech Republic have never heard that, because they’re using a confiscated 2011 Ferrari 458 Italia to run down street racers, car thieves, and other suspects in high-powered performance cars. After releasing a promotional video that plays almost like a movie trailer, there’s plenty of buzz about this interesting law enforcement strategy.

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Instead of keeping the Rosso Corsa exterior, police reportedly painted the Ferrari the silver you see now. Then they added the obligatory blue and yellow reflective striping and a low-profile lightbar on the roof, along with other blue and red lights to make it clear to everyone this is indeed a police car.

Of course, this is hardly the first time a police agency has used a flashy, exotic vehicle. In fact, police in Italy have a special arrangement with Lamborghini. Still, it happens infrequently enough, especially in the Czech Republic of all places, this is getting people talking.

Thanks to a concern that citizens might be angry at the cost of such a flashy Ferrari, police did stress the total cost of modifying it for police work was about the same as acquiring a new Skoda hatchback, or just over $12,000 USD. What a steal!

Police were also quick to note this 458 Italia wasn’t the flashiest, most expensive exotic vehicle they’ve seized from criminals. You see, they’re exercising restraint by living every 13-year-old boy’s fantasy. Other cars seized by the police have been resold, the proceeds used to cover damages done by criminals. So you see, it doesn’t hurt if they keep just one little old Ferrari.

Source: The Guardian

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